Add a Christmas Promo Code for your Venue

You can now add Christmas promotions or discounts available to hirers of your venue. This can be anything from limited time discounts or offers, to special discount codes.

Christmas Promotion For example, if you wanted to offer a 10% discount for people booking Christmas parties or events early, you could offer the discount code 'EARLYBIRD' which people can quote when booking your venue.

Halls that offer a Christmas Discount get:

  1. A boast in the search results.
  2. A little holly icon in the search results to distinguish them from the crowd.
  3. And will also feature in our Christmas Newsletter.

To add a promotion please:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Visit your individual halls page.
  3. Click the brand new 'Promos' tab.
  4. From there you'll find the form you need to complete to list your promotion or code.


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