An easy way to make a wow cake (with minimal effort)

So it was 2 nights before my 40th Birthday party and my Mum text me to ask if I was having a cake. No - Mum - I'm not! I make cakes for everyone else in my family, and it's my first thought whenever a party is mentioned, but for me - at 40 - I thought people didn't want to be singing, and I just wanted to be dancing to 90's cheese.

But the more we thought about it the more we thought that actually, most parties involve a cake, and it'd break up the evening. So eugh - I had to factor in the time to make a cake. (I know I could buy one, but making cakes is kinda my "thing" at parties so I wanted to do it myself. Plus I'm never convinced shop bought ones taste that good.)

However, I had decided I was going to serve doughnuts. And I wanted to stick to that idea. And I didn't want to overload people with cake. AND I didn't have much time to make a big cake. So, naturally I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and saw a major stack of doughnuts on a stand that looked very impressive. My next stop was Amazon for a stand, and after quite a bit of searching (and after nearly stopping as my husband said if I hadn't found it near the top of the results I probably wasn't going to find it at all) - I found the perfect display stand (affiliate link)! They've got a few on there but this one was taller, and had a 6 inch top tier which was big enough for a small cake so I knew by the time it had a cake on top, with something on top of the cake, I'd have a good height going on for my show stopper. Oh, and it was next day delivery which I absolutely needed by then.

Next day I headed off to Morrisons with my baby and bought an assortment of doughnuts and on the day I stacked them all up with the cake on top! By the end of the night no one had touched the cake but all the doughnuts were gone. (And I can recommend Morrison's doughnuts - they were cheap, really tasty, and they've got lots of fillings inc. chocolate and orange custard.)

So from now on, I'll be looking to make 6 inch cakes with lots of awesome doughnuts or cup cakes beneath them! (Or bigger cakes and just use less tiers.)

doughnut cake stand

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