Parties are (almost) go go go!

Boris has unveiled his road map and, all being well, we can be partying and celebrating with all our loved ones by late June.

How many people can go to a wedding in the UK?

The current limit of 6 guests at a wedding will hopefully rise to 15 from the 12th April, and then rise again to 30 from the 17th May. The big jump then is that by the 21st June the Government hope that all guest list restrictions can be lifted and full scale large weddings can be an option again. Official sources very cautiously explain that these are the earliest possible dates for these loosenings of the rules, but fingers crossed things will run to plan.

So if you were actually secretly enjoying the excuse not to have to invite all of your cousins or work colleagues, and were preferring the idea of a micro wedding you need to get in there soon!

When can I have my birthday party?

Meanwhile if you're happily married or contentedly single and weddings aren't on your radar, the lifting of restrictions will also see us able to celebrate our birthdays in style again.

From the 29th March you'll hopefully be able to meet with 6 people outside - or one other household. So that might be you and 5 friends celebrating in the park, or your household and another household having a garden party at your place. And that's going to feel like a big change compared to all the true lock down Birthdays that have happened during the Pandemic - personally I couldn't see anyone outside of my household for weeks either side of mine last year!

By the 12th of April you'll hopefully be able to hold your kid's party at a zoo or theme park, albeit outside and with the same groups of 6 / 2 households rule, and then by the 17th May we're hopefully going to be allowed to have parties of up to 30 people outside or groups of 6 (or 2 households) inside. By the 21st of June - a couple of days after Boris' Birthday I believe - all social restrictions will hopefully be lifted so we can have parties of any size inside again.

A long road ahead

There's a long road ahead and we need to all be careful so that we don't just end up going back into lock down again, but the vaccine is a light at the end of the tunnel so that we'll hopefully be celebrating with loved ones again in a few short months.

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