The new GDPR rules place a greater emphasis on the website operator to ensure their users data is as safe as possible. To address this at Hallshire we have implemented the following policies.

1. We now automatically remove enquiry data submitted via our hall enquiry forms after 60 days. Please note however that enquiries are also automatically forwarded via email to the organisation.

2. We now automatically remove inactive user accounts. We judge a user account to be inactive if they haven't logged in for 365 days and have no halls attached to their account.

4. We continue to encourage anybody to report any inaccurate information they find on the website and help us maintain an accurate resource by taking over responsibility for an out of date listing.

5. When users submit enquiries via the site we explicitly ask for and store their permission. We explain how their data is being used, for how long, and how they can amend, request access to, or request deletion of, their data.

6. Further to the enquiry form, we now offer further clarification and explanation to users who opt to share their details with our advertising partners after making an enquiry.

7. We have enabled anonymous IP tracking in our Google Analytics account. Further details here.

8. When someone visits Hallshire we ask for permission to use their location in order to establish halls which are close to them. We don't store this information in our database however.

We believe these steps illustrate how seriously we take our users privacy.

For further information please contact us via our contact form.

For further information about GDPR please refer to the ICO website.