Micro Weddings: the big wedding trend for 2020

The wedding world is full of trends, but one that's going from strength to strength at the moment is the idea of Micro Weddings.

Rather than thinking your wedding needs to be a big affair, a Micro Wedding lets you keep things small and intimate. Whether that means 20 guests or - inline with current COVID-19 lock down measures for general life - a guest list of more like 6, Micro Weddings let you do things a bit differently. Kinda like eloping, but without hitchhiking anywhere.

Your dream guest list

For some people, the idea of a big wedding is actually a stress. They don't want to invite people they haven't seen for years yet feel like they should, and they certainly don't relish the idea of paying £60 to feed them! A Micro Wedding - and, for some better still, a Government enforced Micro Wedding during partial lock down - let's them have the size of wedding they'd be more comfortable with.

Making your mark

There are certain wedding traditions - such as dress code - which feel a little hard to break. But in this time of the world trying to find a "new normal", why stick to convention? If you've only got a handful of people at your wedding, set your own rules! Have pretty dresses and black tie if that's what you've always dreamed of... but if actually, you secretly love the idea of giving your wedding a theme then this may be more achieveable with only your nearest and dearest involved. I went to a Gothic Pirate themed wedding a few years ago - we dressed up but plenty of people didn't meaning the photos were a bit of a mish mash. If there had only been a dozen people at the wedding and everyone had dressed up, the theme would have felt more complete!

Save megabucks - or just spend it in different ways

There's no two ways about it - big weddings are expensive. If you're spending £50 a head to feed people and you've got 100 guests - that's a lot of money. Think how much you'd save if you only had 10 to feed?! Of course wedding venues will price things around their capacity levels and if they can hold 100 guests they're unlikely to let you have the space for 10 and only pay for 10 so we may see a rise in minimum charges from venues if COVID-19 restrictions mean a long term new normal for weddings, but still it can hopefully be expected that prices will come down if you're catering for a lot less guests.

Meanwhile though, you don't need to spend less - this could be your opportunity to be lavis and extravagent! If you changed track from inviting 100 people to 10, think what else you could do with that budget instead?! You could indulge in more luxury foods, or maybe you could all dine at that fancy hotel down the road you never thought you'd be able to afford?

We're all yet to see what the new normal looks like with regards to weddings, and if lock down lifts suddenly it's possible that many bride and grooms will want to burst out of isolation into a huge big party. But overall it's looking quite likely that 2020 and 2021 will be the year of the Micro Wedding.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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