Taking over ownership of a hall listing

Sometimes people add listings to HallsHire.com, then move to a new area and nobody can update the details for their hall. Everyone hates information that's old and out of date, so we really appreciate it when people take on the mantel of ensuring our records are as good as they can be.

To do this we need you to create an account on HallsHire.com. We will then transfer the hall into your account, so you can make any updates as required. Please complete the form below to start the transfer process.

You can find the form on the hall details page for the hall you want to transfer into your account. It looks a little bit like the screenshot below and can be found in the right hand column of the page (on desktop browsers).


All you need to do is tell us a little bit about the situation, including why you feel you should be able to update this halls listing on HallsHire.com. If you know it, please tell us the name of the person who has looked after this hall on our site in the past - this will speed up the transfer process considerably.


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