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Lord Morrison Hall

Scales Road, Tottenham, N17 9EZ, London, England

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Venue subtitle for church meeting, public meeting, committee meeting, conferences, exhibition, theater arts rehearsal/workshop, classroom study, wedding reception and private social.  

Hall Type
community centre
Year Built
Year Refurbished
Overall Capacity
Seating Capacity

Availability and Hire Costs

Availability: 8am - 11:30pm Daily Up to 12am on Weekends

Hire Costs: From £28 - £47 per hour.

Suitable For

This venue is suitable for the following occasions.

Wedding, Party, Reunion, Anniversary, Training, Children's Party, Local Community Meeting, Societies and Clubs, Music Event, Theatre Production, Band Practise, Other, Christenings / Blessings, Wakes, Baby Groups, Fitness Classes / Yoga, Educational Pursuits, Church Event / Choir Practice, School Events, Naming Ceremonies, Film Shoots, Banqueting, Asian Wedding, Corporate Events


  • ✓ Staging
  • ✓ Main Hall
  • ✓ Small Hall
  • ✓ Committee Room
  • ✓ Entrance
  • ✓ Servery
  • ✓ Kitchen
  • ✓ Store Room
  • ✓ Accessible Toilets
  • ✓ Baby Changing Facilities
  • ✓ Changing Facilities
  • ✓ Broadband Internet
  • ✓ Wifi
  • ✓ Outside Space
  • ✓ Parking


  • ✓ Fridge
  • ✓ Cooker
  • ✓ Black-Out Facility
  • ✓ Projection Screen
  • ✓ Smoke Alarms
  • ✓ Fire Alarms
  • ✓ Window Locks
Dau Aldulpha

This listing was last updated: 29/02/2024

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There are 4 reviews of Lord Morrison Hall.


    Reviewed by Anonymous 5 years ago
  • this place way too loud and do not respect 1000s residents living around, so please sign petition to help close this please we suffer over 10 years from the lord morrison hall and Afro Internation activities which simply making too loud music at weekend and some fridays, it is RESIDENTIAL area and he keep insist that he can make loud music that can be listened end of streets..

    Reviewed by Anonymous 5 years ago
  • Shame on you, Dau Aldulpha and the haringey council, you and the council are both corrupted and destriying people peaceful times at home with your extremely noise and nuisances from the lord morrison hall. Tottally unnecessary loud music even after midnights of weekends, fridays, shame on you. I do not know how you manage to get the licence and rent from the council ans i do not know who you know in the council, you were given privileges by the council so you do not get fined and protected by the councils top people, but you, the council and the lord morrison hall are both ignorant , corrupted and the most hated useles beings. You and council just ignore and do not respect the respect the neighborhood around and give them peaceful night time to enjoy in their home because of your extreme high level noise, music, you do not need to play it that loud but you are doing it just you and your company wants it and your are protected by some high council people. Shame on you all and Dau Aldulpha. We can not even sleep in our homes and you keep breaking rules, your company should not be located in the scales road where house and flats but you know you should be some commercial area but you prefer to make people suffer with loud music and even after 11pm which only allows by the council and sometimes your hall plays loud musics after midnights and guests loudly leaves area till 1-2 am. I hope you and your council friends suffers your rest of your life as much as you made suffer neighborhood unnecessary.

    Reviewed by Anonymous 5 years ago
  • The lord Morrison hall is in the residential area and this place way too small to make parties or loud musics, there is no sound barriers on the Walls and you will disturbs the locals and residential people around if you hire this place and you will be giving the locals hell with your nuisance. The lord Morrison hall is complained to many times but the owners are ignorant money grabbing, loud, unrespectful business person who only think himself and never cared you or the locals. If you hire this place you will be making decent peoples life hell living around and possibly you will be cursed by the people's around go can not relax their own homes around the lord Morrison hall. The hall is designed to help to community but instead of this new owners is just destroying the the communities

    Reviewed by Anonymous 5 years ago

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Dau Aldulpha

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