Site Developments

Building Version 3 of; a technical write-up

11th March 2017

Building Version 3 of; a technical write-up has been running for over 12 years now, and version 3 of the site has just been launched.

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10th December 2015

Major Site Developments

It's taken over 10 years to get around to it, but we've finally added better searching and filtering capabilities to Hallshire. It's always been the intention for the site to include the ability for...

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6th August 2015

It's been a turbulent week at Hallshire HQ

It's been a turbulent week at Hallshire HQ. As more and more people use the website (which is of course fantastic) it's been puttin an increasing strain on our server. Unfortunately over the...

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28th October 2014

Hallshire Goes Responsive

If you have accessed on your mobile phone lately you might have noticed a few changes. Rather than the whole website loading up really small and you needing to pan around with your fing...

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