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COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is playing havoc with supermarkets delivery slots. People may be easing off the bulk buying, but with everyone in lock down, many elderly and vulnerable told not to venture out even for food, and increasing numbers of people showing symptoms the supermarkets can't keep up with demand.

Personally, after getting my elderly Grandparents a Morrison's slot which I booked 2 weeks ago, I'm now really struggling to get them a follow up in their rural location. Meanwhile, with some of my household showing symptoms we're in isolation and so  I've been on the look out for other home delivery options. And there are an increasing amount - from wholesalers who'd normally supply cafes and restaurants - to independent green grocers and butchers. As the UK's biggest directory of village halls and venues, we thought we could help by quickly whipping up a way of people searching for food delivery services near them.

It's completely free for food delivery services to add their details and get a listing on the site. And it's completely free for members of the public to be notified when we add food delivery companies in your area.

To find food delivery companies near you, visit our Food Delivery Services Near Me page and allow the website to use your location. Or view all the ones we currently have listed in England (other countries can add listings too - we just currently only have English ones listed). Please appreciate this is just something we're working on this weekend and hope it will grow and grow this week so if there isn't much or anything for you right now, leave your email address and we'll let you know when there is. We're also working on the search features to help you use the feature more fully.

Finally, if you think this service will be helpful (I really do!) then please share it - on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or just with your friends via email. Try and help us build a big list of home delivery services to help those stuck at home and to support small businesses as this very difficult time. You can also contact us with any you know of, if you don't know how to get in touch with the company directly.

(Food pic courtesy of Unsplash.)

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