It's been a turbulent week at Hallshire HQ

Amazon Web ServicesIt's been a turbulent week at Hallshire HQ. As more and more people use the website (which is of course fantastic) it's been puttin an increasing strain on our server. Unfortunately over the past week it's fallen a little short of the task which has meant the site has been a little flakey.

We were offline completely for a brief period last weekend, but more often this has led to people having issues logging into the site. So I'm really sorry for any frustration this has caused and we've added additional server checks so we're alerted sooner when the site is in trouble or we're experiencing a surge in traffic. We've also considerably beefed up the server hardware which should really help.

So I'm happy to say that reports of our demise have been greatly exagerated and we're very much up and running, now bigger and better than ever. The only downside is that we're paying 3 times as much to keep the site online and useful to everyone, which brings me neatly on to my next point...

... which is our fantastic early bird offer to upgrade your listing on hallshire and help us cover the costs of keeping the site online. By upgrading your Basic (free) listing to a Featured listing you not only get a lovely sash for your halls photo, but you also appear at the top of the list when people search for halls in your area.

As an early bird introductory offer, we're offering an upgrade to a Featured listing for the great price of just £99/year. Those early birds who sign up now will then just pay this low annual price for the lifetime of their subscription (ie every year). So when the price goes up for everyone else, you'll still be paying the early bird rate.

Upgrading to a 'Featured Listing' is really easy. 1. Just login to your account on 2. View your hall and click the 'Upgrade Listing' link This will then take you to Paypal where you'll be able to setup a recurring subscription.

That being said, I also want to reassure everyone that we have no intention of getting rid of our Basic (free) option as I know a lot of venues don't have the budget for advertising, so you can also continue to advertise your hall for free on

If you have any questions about this or anything else hallshire related, please email us.


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